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Recognition of the soul. What a power.

Dear people, this training has exceeded all my expectations. What a power I have experienced and what beautiful tools I have been given at my disposal to work energetically. I have gone through many spiritual teachings in my life and even though I was enthusiastic, it was always not what I meant, for which I am here. I didn’t know what I was looking for.
Now, after this training, I know what it was, it’s a piece of magic that your soul wants to work with, something you recognize, a special power.

In addition to all the clearings, meditations and activations, we have received a huge amount of information to get started with energy work ourselves.
I’m slowly integrating everything step by step and I can also sense myself better now, when my body says stop, I now take the necessary rest. I also notice that I am no longer constantly stuck in my head. You can feel the thoughts coming, the old patterns, and then you say stop right there. Now I’m connected to my I AM and I feel led from that place. It’s so different.

Thank you from my heart Senia & Freya for the special powers to receive these gifts.

Hanneke Mollen
17 February 2021
Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis

Sparkling magical journey

The courses are given with so much love, conviviality (so much humor!!!) that it feels like you end up in a big family.
The teachers are so wise, not only by means of tools (which you get through initiations) but also (their) wisdom so much that comes at the right time.
Divine timing….
You get so many clearings and tools to continue practicing. I felt incredibly good after the courses !! (I have followed two now)
I feel like I can get a better grip on my life, as if I can give my life more color, manifest more things; but also (not unimportantly) help others.
It is a recognition, of who I am and what I believe, that I want to achieve even more in life on a spiritual level through this beautiful journey.
And by getting even more tools as you go further in this journey, you can help yourself and others even more/better.
I’ve already been able to get some great results with other people too!

Emotionally, through the nice warm bath you end up in, the bond you immediately experience with the teachers and students, I want to say that this is a super sparkling magical journey. I’m so glad I started this.
Again, it feels like a big family to me… that’s why I also had a hard time saying goodbye after the courses.
Grateful for all this, grateful for all the teachers, students and others who make this journey together!
See you soon!!

With love and a very big hug,


Nicolien van der Laan
15 February 2021
Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis

Deeply transformative

I have now followed many training courses at OCAcademy, from all the Mahatma energy work to paranormal training and the Golden Age teachings, and each training is deeply transformative. In both the energetic aspect and the teachings, Senia and Freya excel, they are true masters who are creating masters, it is actually indescribable, they touch me into every fiber of my body and soul, and therefore the insights stick so well, it really penetrates. Energetically, everything is started, and you notice that in your daily life, your processes accelerate. Everything contributes to integrating mastery so that we can live and put our best self here on earth. I am more connected to myself and others and experience more balance and deeper love and gratitude, it is coming home to yourself. I am very happy and grateful to be able to follow their training courses. The fact that we have access to this subject here in the Netherlands and guidance is a true blessing. It also indicates the beginning of the golden age in which we now live, that this transformative esoteric knowledge can now touch and enrich everyone. Do you want to heal yourself and others and contribute to a better life for yourself and the world, look no further.

Pieter Hup
13 February 2021
Overall experience

the Master was masterful

This 3 day consciousness training was given online and was very interesting from the beginning.
Senia and Freya introduced us to energy work and esotericism in a relaxed and playful way. In the aquarius era, we regain our birthright, stand for who we really are and create the reality we want. The tools for this were provided to us in the course.
I’m so grateful to have been able to experience this. Thanks to Senia, Freya and the assistants for these wonderful days.

Tony Raaphorst
11 February 2021
Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis

Magical experience

I thought I had an idea what the training would entail, but it’s so much more. It’s so cool to discover what magical powers you have in you as a human being. Senia and Freya know a lot and I am very grateful that this training and these 2 fantastic people have come my way. I recommend it to everyone to do because, as they so beautifully put it;” it’s your birthright!” Even if you don’t want to use it in your profession, do it for your personal development.

Sandra Koldenhof
8 February 2021
Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis


Thank you Senia and Freya for sharing all your knowledge with us. It’s such a powerful course, more that I ever dared to think. I feel more powerful than ever and have already been able to apply something with very good reviews. I’m really looking forward to all the courses I’m going to take at your beautiful academy. Keep up the good work !!!! Highly recommended for everyone, again thank you 🙏🙏🙏

Geert Myny
8 February 2021
Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis

Beautiful how it all works from the cosmos

I am also deeply grateful for this incredibly beautiful and profound Mahatma the Avatar of Synthesis Master 3-day training course. It was noticeable during the training that so much fell into place after I did the 3-day training Mahatma the Avatar of Synthesis Practitioner last October. What I thought was extra special: last Monday I learned via the question whether a handpan can be tuned in 528Hz (giving lessons in playing the handpan is my job) suddenly a lot about the 144 grid of the earth. I’d never heard of the grid! I found it amazing when Senia told me about the earth grid / grid energy and the grid energy field on the second day and in doing so he also gave a grid activation! Because I had already received information about the grid, I completely understood what he was talking about! I love how it all works from the cosmos✨💜✨

Thank you Senia, thank you Freya!❤️

In love and wholeness, Annemarie Klein🙏🏼

Annemarie Klein
7 February 2021
Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis

angel light facilitator

Today I had the opportunity to follow another training session by Senia. Even though it was online. Man.. What a power!
What special experiences again during the activations. The training courses are all highly recommended.

Sylvia Zeegers
24 January 2021
Online training

Angel Light Facilitator

Years ago, I received the Angel Light Facilitator. I thought it was such a great experience at the time that I wanted to experience this again.
Today I did. This time online. Still, it was another wonderful experience. Great energy, more powerful than it was years ago. I still use the angelic energy daily, after today I feel even more intensely connected to the Archangels.
I’m so grateful to have been able to experience this again.

Ineke Rens
24 January 2021
Online training

Angel Light Facilitator

Dear Senia & Freya, after the Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Practitioner and the Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master, today I took the Angel Light Facilitator given by Senia online. What an incredible beautiful and magical journey this was! I have never received such beautiful, soft, powerful, special and magical energies. I’m still reminiscing, and I hope I can deploy the angels soon. Many thanks for this! 🙏✨🙏✨🙏

Norma Wijdenes - Ligthart
24 January 2021
Online training

I have found my path

After an unexplained journey in the field of there is more here on earth, I ended up at the one consciousness academy completely unexpectedly. That’s where my real journey started and the pieces started to fall in place, I could only think this is it.. This is what I was looking for. After various training sessions, my hunger for self-development and knowledge has only increased and I am still grateful every day that senia and freya have come my way and lead and train me and many others on the path of true mastery and self-awareness and much more.
It has also led me to set up my own practice as a paranormal coach and healer.
❤ Senia and Freya melchizedek

Marleen de Jong
30 December 2020
Overall experience

power of the I AM

Did the power of the IAM a few days ago, a training using Zoom. I’m surprised every time things happen while you’re at a great distance. Apart from the fact that there was a lot of talk and questions were also asked by students who had to deal with completely different things, this day was more than worth it. Tools and initiations, special was that when Senia started talking about the selestein melchizedek beam, I felt – as I lay on a mat, my head grew bigger and a large bundle emerged from my head to my coccyx, all very intense.
The tool I’m excited about is working with energy balls. Twenty years ago I learned something like this from a Tibetan grandmaster in the Netherlands, but this is really the next level! Wow, I’m really going to use this for everything, put energy away to be able to take in later, how cool is that.!
what I feel now is a stronger connection with my IAM, and an almost obligation to myself to only do things that really suit me, freely translated: just follow your heart a little more… Senia, thank you again. Namaste

Ed van der Knaap
24 December 2020
Online training

Free from imprints

Since I did my first training (Practitioner) at Elles Hoogeboom and then continued at Senia there is a wonderful process going on in me. I call it “detaching from imprints.” Through our cultural programming as well as through our personal experiences, we are ‘coloured in’. This coloration stands in the way of developing our full potential and it is blissful to notice how much my qualities have been replenished since the teachings. Thank you for that.

Erica Rijnsburger
24 December 2020
Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis, Overall experience

Valuable and life-changing

I have done various training courses, including the path of inner mastery and the power of the I am.
All the courses brought me so much beauty.
Senia and Freya give clear teachings and the guidance is really top notch!
I also have a one conciousness membership. Here are beautiful meditations, activations and teachings.
If you want a change in your life, the OC Academy is highly recommended.

24 December 2020
Overall experience

My best choice ever!!

In the past 5 months I have been able to take The Path of Inner Mastery training course.
A course in which I learned to become a paranormal coach & healer. How wonderful it was!
In a clear, honest and instructive way, I was taken step by step into increasingly powerful techniques.
Senia and Freya do this in a way that is relaxed and ‘not floaty’. They are easy to approach and name things as they are (and the assistants are also great!).
I have already been able to take a lot of courses at OCA and still haven’t had enough. Every time I learn so much and it feels like coming home.

I just want to say, give yourself these beautiful insights and development, it’s your birthright!

Danielle Appelman
21 December 2020
Psychic courses

Finally home

Hi all
I’m Jolanda, a single mom, 45. I always wanted to be able to be myself, I have a strong desire to follow my heart. With the many challenges in my path, I would very much like to start my own coaching practice. Before that, I had been looking for a training that suits me for quite a long time. After many training courses and personal development, I am now really at home.
Wow what is the Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master a nice education.
The weekend brought me a lot, a lot of beautiful insights and the confusion I had has been clarified.
Everything fell into place. And what peace and power there is in me now after the training. Wow so cool. And what beautiful people I’ve met. Best present for myself ever.
I’m very grateful to all of you.

24 October 2020
Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis

So much valuable things seen and learned

Four years ago, I did the basics with mahatma. 3 days full of beautiful and moving moments. already so much cleaned up and gained a lot of insights. one again dare to rely on the energy you have and can and are alowed to use. still on the path, last year I took the mahatma master in deest. Such magical, inspiring, fine, cozy, no nonsense days. so much valuable things seen and learned. Now I’m working with my ancestors. I was a bit wait and see as it was given online via zoom. again I learned a lot from that advanced course. Now I have my own altar that I work with. I’m far from done with the training courses. they are so powerful, true and magical!!! love you all my brothers and sisters. really recommended for anyone who wants to gain self-knowledge, awareness and magic in their lives!!!

Jenneke van Beek
23 October 2020
Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis

Inner mastery intensive

The inner mastery intensive took place in the weekend of 3,4 and 5 July. Senia gave this training in a playful, clear and fun way. I have learned new tools and got out of my comfort zone by putting myself over my insecurities and anxiety and by just doing the reading. As a result, I gained positive experiences that weekend, so I still find it exciting to give a reading, but also trust that I can do it. I enjoyed doing the training, it feels like a family so warm, open and familiar.

Linn knoops
18 July 2020
Psychic courses

Divine Ascension Master Class

A beautiful day, also the weather outside! I’ve had insights I wouldn’t have imagined possible. A lot of loosening, taking off a jacket myself, which turned out to be a whole suit that crumbled. Love brought in. I’m quiet about it.
Senia is the master of the class that’s for sure.

Thank you to my sisters and brothers for travelling with me and especially my great brother Senia, Thank you.
See you later
in connectedness and love,

Lora Louisa Ariesen
13 July 2020
Online training

Inner mastery intensive. Another step closer to myself

Last weekend I did the inner mastery intensive. During this training I was allowed to become aware of the fact that I limit myself and make myself small. I experienced the training as very nice. Senia’s teachings were very clear and were brought with great enthusiasm. A beautiful mirror that made it clear to me that curiosity is the key. Be curious instead of being anxious and insecure. Because we can do all this! We’re all psychic!
Dear Senia, thank you very much again for this beautiful training that helps me to broaden and explore myself. Which also helps me get to know myself better. Exactly what it’s all about!

With love
Esther Kleijn

Esther Kleijn
12 July 2020
Psychic courses

Beautiful experience

Last weekend I did the inner mastery intensive given by Senia. It remains surprising how you can learn a lot in a short time. In a playful way, Senia teaches how to read a person using powerful tools, and from a connection with yourself.
It was beautiful and also exciting when you felt you were on some sort of track or a channel that opened, deeper into the life of the person you were reading. To find out how this person lives, for example, or what at a certain age the height points were of what this person had been through.
It is special to develop your paranormal sides, I wonder how it develops further.
It is and remains very nice to take part in the training courses by Senia and Freya, it makes me curious about more, and I am very grateful for that.🙏

Michelle nijssen
10 July 2020
Psychic courses

My Inner Master

Inner Mastery Intensive

A very nice intensive training that has connected the Inner Master even more in myself.
I took the same training about 7 years ago at O.C. Academy and experience again and again how powerful it is to continue to develop with new tools. Under the guidance of Senia using various powerful meditations and exercises, my senses were further tapped and activated in a direct natural way. I will certainly use these powerful meditations and exercises on a daily basis to further develop my senses.

One of the most beautiful events and practices was letting go of control and relying on your intuition, my readings skills were further deepened and expanded to be able to see and feel even more consciously and clearly. It was another homecoming for me.

This Inner Mastery Intensive training is truly recommended for anyone who wants to work on self-realization. It literally puts you in your power. The exercises during the training give immediate results.
Right, because there are unlimited possibilities in us and it is only natural to use your clairvoyant abilities on a daily basis, which is our birthright !!!

Thanks to Senia who gave this training with a lot of passion and humor. It were three beautiful and deep inner transformative days.

Love… Lurnia Arnhem


Lurnia Arnhem
9 July 2020
Psychic courses

Inner mastery Intensive

Unlimited possibilities that is what we have at our disposal, when we start remembering and activating them again💫
Last weekend was yet again special, intense, insightful and valuable✨

Knowing that we are beings with unlimited possibilities, beings of consciousness who can see and feel clearly.
It is all there, when we want to activate our abilities from consciousness and with willpower, focus and right intention.
The ocacademy courses given by Senia Melchizedek and Freya Melchizedek are extremely strong and good and I would recommend them to anyone!
Of the 5% capacity we use now, I am committed to becoming a master of consciousness and reclaiming my birthright. A human in the making, consciousness in growth, in bliss, On the way to an existence in more and more freedom.
Gratitude is what I’m allowed to experience🙏


Angelique savelkoul
8 July 2020
Psychic courses

Self-confidence versus doubt

Last weekend I took the Inner Mastery Intensive. Learn to work with your paranormal abilities in a playful way in three days. What beautiful and special days. Three intensive days where we gave each other readings in many different ways, where you were increasingly challenged to get out of your comfort zone. I really enjoyed and look back on a very educational and enriching weekend with an enthusiastic group! Thank you Senia for your inspiring and loving, but also humorous way of teaching and doing, in which you have also created such a safe bedding for me, causing me to surprised myself with my experiences and my self-confidence has received a welcome boost! Now let go of all doubt. It has touched me to be able to touch people and help heal in this way as well. Now continue practicing and developing! I also experience the meditation as very powerful and nice to do. On to the Inner Mastery Advanced! 🙏❤


Diana Wiemers
8 July 2020
Psychic courses

A clearness

I participated (with the Online Golden Age Classes) to actually see where I really stand and what I want.
The golden age teachings have given me a small view of where I stand and how I can stalk my consciousness according to my own truth. It has taken me an incredible step towards myself and awakened me of what is illusion and what is truth. I do feel like I want to go deeper into this.
It has already given me a small change in my personal freedom. Yes, I want to get on with that.
A breath of fresh air in the chaos I had. Especially in this current time!
Thank you Senia and Freya

Paula de Bruijn-Buisman
24 June 2020
Online training

Being Aware

Have already taken part in several training courses with Senia and Freya.

Beautiful training sessions that I started to take since 2018. What did it get me in my own personal process?
Being much more aware. I started my personal process in 2001 and these are certainly an added value.
Especially now in this special time that they respond to and I really like that. Last weekend the training
ancestor field.

I have my own practice where I take things I have learned with Senia and Freya in my own way.
I work from the systemic approach and that I can work even more consciously with my ancestor field is very special.

Loving greeting, Joke

Joke de Boer
3 June 2020
Online training, Overall experience

Expansion of consciousness

Dear Senia and Freya,

Wonderful to experience expansion in consciousness after the training Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master.
The observer is now palpably present.

The intention for the training was to reclaim the birthright.
The process of clean-up is in full swing to remind consciousness of unity.

Enjoying and experiencing myself is what I’m here for on earth.

Thank you for your presence and sharing in love.

Mahatma in love,

Evelien Broch
31 January 2020
Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis
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