The Dreamed Reality

the dreamed reality

Learn to take control of your dreams

Do you ever dream about yourself and do you see yourself in your own dreams? But is it too hard to keep complete focus and awareness? In this one-day The Dreamed Reality we are going to open your dreambody to consciousness so that you can bring more energy to both your consciousness and to your dreambody. The goal is for you to handle your dream better, in other words, that you can hold on to more conscious focus and therefore experience your dream more consciously. As consciously as you experience daily reality. 

During this one-day event, we will strip your ability open to consciously perceive the dreamed reality. Stripping open as you may know it from the paranormal course The Path of Inner Mastery (currently only available in The Netherlands). When you are aware of your dreams, you can make conscious choices that allow you to guide your dreams, determine the course. You can better organize your dream and even communicate with different dream creatures that have certain abilities that can help you further in your development. 

The dreamed reality is a real world that can really be accessed. This one is as real as everyday reality, there is in fact no difference whatsoever. The only difference is your level of focus and awareness. By consciously dreaming at night you can visit different dimensions and gain new experiences. This is a huge empowerment that in turn gives unlimited possibilities; you take back control instead of the dream controlling you. During this training, the necessary teachings will also be discussed that can help you in your deepening and growth. 

Do you want to get to know yourself better?
Do you want to consciously experience the dream world, in which you spend an average of one third of your life?
Do you want to access other realities?
Than The Dreamed Reality is meant for you.

Calender & registration

Duration: 1 day
Time: 10:00 till 16:00.
Investment: €150,-
Required preliminary training: Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master

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