Psychic Medium – The Gift

Psychic medium the gift

How amazing would it be if you could master your clairvoyant and mediamic abilities at a much faster pace? Wouldn't that be a huge gift?

During this one-day Psychic Medium – The Gift we will strip open your natural gifts. But what does it mean to strip open a gift?  First, you need to understand that everyone is psychic gifted and can develop clairvoyance and mediumship. This is our birthright, but not everyone has gained access to these abilities and therefore they are still asleep by many. In this one-day training we’re going to strip open these inner abilities; expose them so that your clairvoyant and medium abilities become more accessible. This means that it will become easier and easier to extract information from someone’s energy field and it does not stop there. You will also gain more access to the flow of information out the world of the deceased or other intelligences such as ascended masters, which will also open up the channel for channeling more. 

Of course, it is true that one has to develop oneself and step out of uncertainty. To make big leaps you have to be determined to just do it instead of continuing to doubt and go into uncertainty. It is therefore required that you consciously make the choice to master these skills and when you experience uncertainty, it is your task to properly examine your shadow sides by stalking your patterns. Inner growth starts with and within yourself, you cannot make yourself dependent on the confirmation of another. In this training, teachings about self empowerment will be given so that you will start to believe more in yourself because everyone is a born psychic medium. Get out of your comfort zone and make your spiritual journey, take the journey of discovery within yourself and master the skills of psychic medium. 

This Psychic Medium – The Gift is suitable for anyone who wants to master these skills. When you took part in the Inner Mastery Intensive and the Inner Mastery Advanced, you will experience a great increase in your new found capabilities. If you haven’t taken part in these paranormal courses, it is certainly wise to do so in the future after this one-day course so that you get all the ins and outs and learn to make use of your open gifts well.

Calendar & registration 

Duration: 1 day
Time: from 10:00 till 16:30
Investment: €150,-
Required preliminary training: Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master

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