Mahatma Coach & Trainers™

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What is a Mahatma Coach & Trainer™?

Mahatma Coach & Trainers have been trained by One Consciousness Academy to provide guidance and training using the Mahatma. They have gone through the entire trajectory of Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis and are now subserver to lift the world and humanity to a higher plan of existence. 

On this page you will find an overview of the certified Mahatma Coach & Trainers.
Please note: Only those listed on this page are officially recognized and supported by One Consciousness Academy.

All Mahatma Coach & Trainers listed on this page have passed the annual exam so that they work according to the latest developments and are in possession of a sublicense. One Consciousness Academy stands for professionalism and quality, we do not go for anything less.

You can turn to a Mahatma Coach & Trainer™ for:

  • The Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Practitioner™. During this three-day training you will get acquainted with the Mahatma energy and take first steps towards mastery.
  • Angel Light Facilitator. A special one-day workshop in which you will feel and experience the connection with the Archangels.
  • They also organize the very valuable return days for the Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Practitioner & Master. During these return days you can come together with your fellow students and practice with each other under the guidance of a recognized Mahatma Coach & Trainer™. A wonderful way to master the material that’s covered during the course and keep your energy system up to date.
    Of course, participation in one of these return days is only possible when the corresponding training has been completed.