Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Advanced 1

Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Advanced 1 - Ancestral Work

Why should you work with your ancestors?

Normally, you make decisions in life by thinking about it. When you have to make these decisions alone, it comes with a great sense of responsibility and pressure that often results in you breaking your head for a long time about certain situations. Sometimes it feels like you’re stuck, you can’t get clarity and just don’t come to a decision.

To explain the effect of ancestral work, we’d like to make use of a metaphor. Think of your head as a computer. This computer only operates in and with the workspace it has access to, which is the already downloaded and installed software. In other words, the knowledge you have already acquired through life that’s been stored in your mind. But as soon as you connect your computer to the Internet, the World Wide Web, the possibilities suddenly become unlimited and you get access to an abundant stream of information. When you make the connection with your ancestors, you can compare this as if your mind is connecting to the internet of your ancestors; the universal collective of your ancestors is tapped. An abundance of knowledge will be within your reach and possibilities become many times more extensive. This will give incredible benefits for your growth, healing process, in manifesting your deepest desires and walking your spiritual path. 

Some benefits of Ancestral Work

  • Healing all generations of your family lines.
  • Always be protected.
  • Ancestral advice.
  • Manifestation – you can ask for things.
  • Receive blessings of your ancestors.
  • Experiencing peace throughout your system.
  • Ancestral bath for energetic clearing and purification.
  • Feeling confident.
  • Ancestral insight.
  • Ancestral warnings in your dreams.
  • To live with less or without fears.
  • To always feel connected.
  • Always have access to the collective of your ancestors.
  • Get access to any ancestral secrets.

The possibilities are unlimited. Restoring the connection with your ancestors is therefore an important step in your spiritual growth. The better the connection, the stronger the effects.

"In my opinion and to my experience, this is the most beautiful teaching you can take. Also, if you feel you have or know little to no family. It is precisely then that a new world unfolds, in which the ancestors are given a name. They matter and are being heard. Family on earth will come forward. And the feeling that you're always on your own is over. My ancestors give direction in my life, come up with answers to my questions. It has become an important resting place in my home and daily life. This teaching with all the trim and counting is a must."
Monique de Wit
shares her experience

Program Ancestral Work - what you will learn & receive

Day 1: Clearing & Healing

In the first day we are going to start an intense ancestral healing, where we’ll dive deep into an intensive clearing of your family lines. We’ll dive into the generation tree of both your mother’s and your father’s side, and bring healing to the divine blueprint. Of course, all of this also has an effect on you. We are going to tackle as many issues as possible that can hinder us in this current generational line, so that relief can be brought to old family issues. Often this will result in deliverance from certain burdens and emotional pains that hinder your inner growth.

Maybe you’re wondering what it means exactly, such an ancestral healing. When one does not want to face and break through certain issues, such as certain disease patterns, family dramas such as curses, quarrels and repetitive patterns of abuse, they pass that on to their children. Both in energy and in the DNA. Who in turn pass it on to their children when they do not bring awareness and healing on these issues. In this way, you’ll probably carry various old and heavy energies of your ancestors. During the first day a profound process will be initiated that will redeem you and your ancestors from these ancient burdens, which will allow healing to take place. This is a very important step when you want to establish yourself in mastery and walk a pure path of self-realization.

The DNA will also be taken into the clearing on the first day. All generation lines are scanned and then healing is applied to disturbed DNA of your ancestors or yourself. All of this brings forth an upgrade in the mass collective of the ancestors. This causes both your ancestors and yourself to vibrate at a higher frequency. 

From both the mother and father’s side, we go deep into the generation tree. Healing will be brought on the following topics:

  • Poverty
  • Victimisation
  • Mental abuse
  • Family masks
  • Abuse
  • Mental and physical survival
  • Energetic curses
  • Passing on deformed sperm cells from generation to generation which results in deformed children. 
  • Heal the entire DNA structure and strands (broken will be DNA healed).

Day 2: Working with your ancestors

On day 2 you will learn how to work with your ancestors. You will receive an ancestral initiation that will help you to reconnect and you will learn how to further strengthen this connection yourself in daily life with the help of an ancestor ‘altar’. Also how you can join forces with those of your ancestors, build up the power and then use it for healing, protection, insight and ancestral advice. You will also be able to receive weekly blessings from your ancestors.  

In addition, you will learn how to give yourself an ancestral blessing through an ancestral bath. These baths are made with a special essence recipe which give clearing and blessing. This is a powerful way to rid yourself of heavy energies and entities, and to calm and reconcile your psychic, emotional, mental & physical body.

This advanced training Ancestral Work has two side initiations which you can opt for if you wish to go further into depth with this powerful energy work with your ancestors.

This course is given by:

Senia Melchizedek

Senia Melchizedek

Senia Melchizedek specializes in Ancestral Work. His ancestors have been part of his life since he was at a young age and he has been integrating this with his work for several years. In order to be able to give an Ancestral training at this level, you have to be initiated and have achieved a certain level through practical experience.

This 2 day training is the direct follow-up to the Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master.

Calendar & registration

Duration: 2 days
Time: Day 1 is from 9:00 till 17:00
Day 2 is from 10:00 till 16:00

Investment: €297,-
Certificate included
Required preliminary training: Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master

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