My Inner Master

My Inner Master

Inner Mastery Intensive

A very nice intensive training that has connected the Inner Master even more in myself.
I took the same training about 7 years ago at O.C. Academy and experience again and again how powerful it is to continue to develop with new tools. Under the guidance of Senia using various powerful meditations and exercises, my senses were further tapped and activated in a direct natural way. I will certainly use these powerful meditations and exercises on a daily basis to further develop my senses.

One of the most beautiful events and practices was letting go of control and relying on your intuition, my readings skills were further deepened and expanded to be able to see and feel even more consciously and clearly. It was another homecoming for me.

This Inner Mastery Intensive training is truly recommended for anyone who wants to work on self-realization. It literally puts you in your power. The exercises during the training give immediate results.
Right, because there are unlimited possibilities in us and it is only natural to use your clairvoyant abilities on a daily basis, which is our birthright !!!

Thanks to Senia who gave this training with a lot of passion and humor. It were three beautiful and deep inner transformative days.

Love… Lurnia Arnhem