New Year’s Eve tip

New Year’s Eve tip

Welcome to the Golden Age! On December 21st we officially made the transition to the Golden Age. 2021 will be the first year of this magical era. Do you already have a clear your vision about how you want to develop in the coming year?

A tip from us to achieve your goals for 2021

  1. Make a list of your (development) goals for 2021. It is important that you write these by hand on paper.
  2. On New Year’s Eve, regularly take a few private minutes throughout the day to go over your goal list.
  3. Light a fire just before midnight.
  4. Launch your targets by deliberately throwing your list into the fire at midnight.
  5. Feel gratitude that the universe supports your goals. Imagine it as if you have already accomplished it.
  6. Let it go so the universe can activate the right energy.

Have a nice evening and happy new year!

– Freya en Senia Melchizedek