The great purification has started – part 2

The great purification has started – part 2

De grote uitzuivering - deel 2

In October 2019 I wrote a blog about the changes that were coming. It is now clear that there is a lot going on in the world and that there is still a lot to be done. We are experiencing an intense frequency rise of the Aquarius Age and that makes a group of people that dominate the world, really nervous. Since some weeks I have felt and seen that the new information coming in, needed to be shared with the world. So I am sitting behind my laptop to write and dig out this sequel of ‘The great purification has started’.

Shift in time and space

At this moment there is a major shift going on in time and space which has an enormous effect on our consciousness. The effect is that we become more aware of ourselves; we see ourselves more clearly and acknowledge our right to exist. This is one of the effects that the Aquarius age has on us. You can understand that this is an eyesore for the control system because awakened people are harder to control and to direct. From the observation of my higher self, I saw a few weeks ago that several portals of darkness were closing. This is of course very positive for all humanity, but it doesn’t suit the current control system since they extract energy and strength from these portals. And right now, when society is being pressured from different angles, we see that they are acting out of panic and trying to implement old strategies into a new age. That’s definitely not going to work.

I also noticed that a great war is going on at the moment. The whole world is visibly in turmoil and struggle, but also on a deeper/higher level there is great battle going on. You could say that there is a great war going on, both spiritual as on earthly level. To be clear: it is the greatest war in the entire world against a.o. humanity. The great shift of the Aquarius Age is so ongoing that it is key right now to stay in connection with yourself and your fellow men. Love, connection and unity have been awakened and are now being fuelled and strengthened by many. The great awakening is ultimately inevitable, but humanity is being manipulated by forces that try to thwart and slow it down at all cost. Many are still in fear and controlled by lies and illusions. The problem is also that when you are in fear your own frequency goes down and you start to attract the wrong timeline. The aim is to stay in your own power center, connected with yourself without without losing yourself in your monkey mind stories. Too much I-consciousness is triggered, leaving you stuck in a low frequency,  missing the boat to attract and enter the timeline of peace and love.

The Western altar (tv) has a prominent role in all this. Through the years, television has gained enormous prestige, so that many don’t question the information that’s being shared through this medium.  And when people blindly accept all the information and subsequently behave like a parrot and preach the same statements, it becomes dangerous. You are manipulated to stop thinking independently and many people let themselves be controlled by this. If you question the information flow presented and start doing your own research, and then say something is not right, a lot of people will get angry. They feel resistance and accuse you of being a conspiracy thinker whilst they are not aware of their own state of consciousness. They do not see how they are being manipulated and stick to old beliefs and the control system, and they will not until they are ready to see. Being awake means acknowledgement and admitting that you have believed in a lie, a false security. That causes all kinds of feelings of fear and uncertainty to come to surface and the self confidence and self worth can be inflicted. It is not to be enforced. It is a sensitive process for which everyone should take time to minimise the impact.  Therefore, please be patient with those around you when they do not (yet) share your vision. It is a process. But the awakening of humanity is inevitable, it is inescapable.

We must understand that this is only the beginning of the Aquarius Age and that issues are coming to the fore that have been tucked away for a long time. In my previous blog, I mentioned that hundreds of thousands of people in the world are preparing to realize the change in the world and are working hard to free all of humanity. In the coming months, an awful lot of new information will emerge in which things will be disclosed that affect all of humanity. Very big names will be mentioned in certain stories that will cause a major shock. The truth does not sink and will always come to the surface.

Transformation in consciousness

Because the frequency is rising many times faster, our consciousness gets an enormous upgrade. Those who are engaged in their spiritual and personal development will consciously experience it. Those who are not really concerned with their development are more likely to experience this from a blurred/drowsy consciousness, as if one is dreaming and not always clearly present. At this very moment, in these bizarre but at same time special times, we are meant to support each other in the process of awakening. Don’t let stories on social media take you for a ride, but stay connected to yourself. Do not settle your hopes on salvation from outside but meditate more often, go into nature and listen to nature to become more aware of the change that is going on in the world and with mother earth herself. We are our own salvation and that is precisely why you should stay close to yourself and your truth and not go along with other people’s stories.

Because our earth is warming in frequency, it is in the process of a very special transformation.She starts to transform from within into an earth of the Aquarius age with which we are to leave the old. It is not as many people think that we are suddenly going from 3D into 5D. No, the earth is transforming, revealing her secrets. Hidden secrets that are slowly being revealed, allowing us to see the reality we live in. The Earth is more than what we were taught in school. The spiritual aspect of the Earth is beginning to become visible, which in turn has the effect of awakening more and seeing Earth from a different perspective. This creates a different vision and experience of nature inside of us. We will discover several layers of our Multi-Dimensional consciousness. Obviously that’s very exciting for many because it’s an unknown process that can feel like a leap of faith, jumping with a blindfold on. But this jump is inevitable because it is the beginning of the Aquarius Age; an era of evolution and total liberation.

This magical journey of wholeness brings different challenges. As humans, we will discover different layers of ourself that can cause anxiety because we are not familiar with this matter. We’re talking about a reinforcement of your psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, intuition, etc. You will become more sensitive. The intention is to develop yourself in these areas because it comes with the Aquarius Age. These powers are our birthright, just like the 5 senses we are so familiar with. We are capable of claiming back our essence, because the Aquarius Age is an age where we can develop ourselves into completeness. We will discover new layers of consciousness. We will evolve to Galactic Humanity. Or better said, we will return to our essence, our original state of being, in which our consciousness is going to make a huge shift, our brains will work more completely and we will make use of all our 13 senses. From higher hierarchies we call this the Galactic Human Consciousness.

Q&A with my Higher Self

I regularly ask questions to my Higher Self or my spirit guides. When I observe certain things from the Earth’s timeline, I ask what it means. With this, I would like to share with you some of these questions that were answered from my I Am Presence and by my spirit guides from the higher hierarchies.

My question:
I see from this current timeline that there is a great wave of innovative energy coming in on earth. I also see that many people are going to struggle with this because they are still stuck in old beliefs that belong to the previous age. Can you tell me what exactly is going to happen to these people?

Higher Self & spirit guides:
Thank you for this beautiful connection beloved Senia. To answer your question, we first need to clarify what is going on on a cosmic level. There’s a big shift going on all over the cosmos. As you know, the Aquarius era has entered, and that means that old layers have come to close and new layers have opened up. The old served evil and they are now sidelined.The new layer is where you are going to make tremendous growth at all levels of existence, something that is currently going on. This new wave of energy is an upgrade for the entire human race. It is also true that, as you have been taught, there is no right or wrong, there are only consequences. This also applies for humans. Those who are working on their development and are willing to get a deep understanding of themselves and have the courage for self-reflection, will experience fatigue and that the body is sometimes a bit heavier. It is a normal ascension process of this era. But those who stick to old beliefs from the previous era are going to have a hard time. Evolving means letting go of the old, and not everyone can do so. This will affect both young and old. Particularly people who carry out work or certain professions related to control are about to face physical complaints, burden of conscience, etc. They sometimes experience a certain form of power that makes them controlling and dominant, but that will certainly not be long-lasting. The old structure, as you know, is about to fall and the evil that has caused a great deal of suffering will cease to exist. In the sense that it will no longer retain power to suppress and dominate the world and humanity. Precisely because this era no longer allows it and humanity is in a state of awakening. Evil will never be 100% eradicated, but it will work on a lower burner, without power. It also means that those who execute certain professions in which they control and dominate other people are going to walk a different timeline, become ill or die and re-incarnate in the old world and won’t come into the higher frequency of the new earth of the Aquarius Age. Because now as we communicate, there are hundreds of thousands of awakened people worldwide from India, Tibet, South America, Central America & even in Europe who are in a higher state of awakening every day. They meditate and do their magic work to break and remove the chain of evil over humanity. We are talking about the hard core of awakened people who have dedicated their lives to supporting humanity to complete freedom.

My question:
Thank you for your answer. I have another question: I see that many people are indeed awake but despite the fact they are awake, they do not have knowledge about their true self, how will that take shape in the future?

Higher Self & spirit guides:
The Aquarius Age is an age of evolution, people go from body to spirit, they will become much more spiritual. This process can’t be stopped, it is a fact now. Many in the world will need help in their spiritual and personal development because for many, even those who have been engaged in spirituality for some time, this Aquarius growth is unprecedented. This is because they are still too trapped in the state of I-consciousness and one needs help to experience and see that this state is a limiting state of consciousness. It is a state of limitation in which one is manipulated into perception by thinking that they are the thinker, that they are the one who perceive, etc. you know it.

There will be some great global teachers who will stand up and give the general public a helping hand. These global teachers, who are spiritual and consciousness teachers, should not be seen as the old gurus of the past because these world teachers are living for this transformation. They live their doctrine and put it into practice on a daily basis, with trial and error. These are people who live in a higher state of consciousness but are also human at the same time. Everyone is subject to this Aquarius Age, so are these global teachers, but they have been preparing for many years. As a result, they have developed ‘super’natural powers that in fact are nothing more than the birthright of humanity. These teachers do not feel the need to be adored or have followers, they only feel the need to help like a nurse helps the patient or the baker bakes bread for his customers. It’s something of an inner passion and drive. Currently we only have a handful of these world teachers divided in the world. They will also guide and train other teachers. The people will recognize these world teachers in time and they will automatically be drawn from their soul to these master to be trained. Everything happens at the right time because everything happens as it should be. Everyone is exactly where he or she needs to be, and everything goes without control or need. It will come from an guidance of the Higher Self.

My question:
Thank you for your answer. My next question is: will more information be revealed about the secrets of the Earth in the near future? And other aspects that only a few people know?

Higher Self & spirit guides:
This era is an age of disclosure. Everything will surface because no single secret can remain hidden anymore. Therefore man is challenged to integrate integrity into his system. It’s the same for the earth. This era has the power to bring out old hidden secrets, and that is what is happening, among other things, because of global warming. This global warming has nothing to do with environmental pollution, it is nothing more than a cycle that has happened in the distant past. The melting of the ice sheets will uncover new pieces of land, which will lead to the discovery of old technologies that were once brought here to Earth from the other realities. In addition more information will be disclosed about what is really happening behind the great ice caps of Antartica, where continents are that were hidden up til now. Many old secrets are resurfacing. ‘New’ species will be discovered that have always existed in those continents, just like other human races and advanced technologies. It will be a revelation for everyone on earth. Of course, there will always be a small group of people who try to stop this by certain travel bans so that one does not see what is going on there. But the unveiling is inevitable because you can’t put anything away that is visible to the naked eye.

My question:
Thank you for answering. What’s going on behind the scenes, what fight exactly is going on there? Can you explain to me why this is going on and what we can do ourselves?

Higher Self & spirit guides:
It’s an old battle that’s going on, it’s definitely not new. For many people, that knowledge may be new but not for us. We are in the final battle phase which has not been settled yet, this was already in the time of Atlantis. This fight has never stopped as you know, it has been put on the back burner and behind the scenes as you call it, but the battle has continued. Know that it has been a great art to make humanity believe that evil does not exist and that therefore the higher hierarchies do not exist and that everything is baloney. But the ancient scriptures (which can still be found) tell a very different story. For example, look at the ancient Bhagavad Gita from India or other sacred bibles or scriptures. There is a lot of information to be found, one just has to open up to this information and dare to step out of judgment.

It has always been the intention of evil to gain total dominance over all mankind and that is still going on, only now the Awakening has started and people are gradually starting to wake up. People can no longer be held as slaves in old ideas, that is simply no longer possible in this Age of Aquarius. That is why it is important to work organized, make a connecting with each other from a place of love and not duality. Because when duality will reemerge, there will be division and people will fight and exterminate each other, that’s why this Awakening is going on. And of course, as always in such major transformations, there will be casualties. That is inevitable, because man must learn from mistakes made. Man must learn to love instead of being stuck in duality. It’s not about who’s right anymore, because that’s pure I-consciousness. It is intended for everyone to return to their normal state of consciousness, the state of one consciousness. This shift will be a huge challenge for many, but they will eventually take this step when they realize that fighting only claims victims and that we need each other to lift ourselves as the world to a higher plan.  In fact, this Awakening should have started as early as 2019. Although a start was made at the time, the frequency was not high enough to let people turn inwards and get insight of their way of living and facing certain situations. That’s why the year of 2020 has become the year of the great Awakening. Each Awakening is accompanied by certain forms of drama, drama that humanity is now experiencing on Earth. Humanity must now learn to work together, it is now or never. This year 2020 is the year that humanity must prove to itself what he or she is worth, so that one can collectively lift humanity and the world to a higher plan. You all are your own salvation or destruction, the choice is yours. Therefore you all have been given free will.

You all are your own salvation or destruction, the choice is yours. Therefore you all have been given free will.

My question:
I hear and see that a lot is going on with public figures like actors and politicians worldwide. Can you give me some more information so that I can get a clear view on this?

Higher Self & spirit guides:
As we have mentioned before, the battle has been going on since the time of Atlantis. What few people know is that the old evil has been abusing humanity for hundreds of years, of which the children are the greatest victims. Hundreds of thousands of children have disappeared worldwide. Let’s not go into detail because the stories and images are gruesome and those who serve evil have absolutely lost their humanity and no longer have an I Am Presence. They are led by evil demonic forces. Behind the scenes hard work is being done to stop this and to remove these so-called people. Soon the truth will be revealed, also because a lot is going on in Hollywood right now. For many people it will be hard to swallow when certain truths will be uncovered, since the human is attached to her favorite actors and idols. Truths so horrific that many will suffer trauma, but as we said before, that truth will come out soon and we don’t have to go into details yet. We’d rather keep our frequency high.

My question:
Ok thank you. Then my last question for now: what can you tell me about this new age? Will there be new technology? Is improvement expected in the world? Will humanity be freed from the great evil?

Higher Self & spirit guides:
There are currently 2 timelines visible. The most visible one is the timeline of total freedom in which very big changes are to come until 2025. These are beautiful and positive changes. Indeed, new technologies will come, which are new to you but already exist for some time. The technology of Nicola Tesla will be released and new hospitals will be built where this technology will cure diseases. There will be a new power system that will provide a new form of energy. There will be new cars, engines and planes that run on a different energy. In this timeline, new quantum computers will also be released that will enable a completely new reality for the entire human kind. These are the unprecedented times in which the impossible is made possible. For example, around and in between 2028 and 2035 technology will be introduced that will even allow time travel. You will be able to go to a travel agency to book a trip to an ancient past or sometime in the future. And it won’t stop there, you’ll even be able to go to other planets. All this will be revealed not too long from now. Now it may sound very implausible, but is it stranger than the reality you reside in now? A year ago, no one expected to face a global lockdown, and yet it has come to past. We want to make clear that the Aquarius Age is a time of awakening. This includes people seeing and experiencing new things and new layers of consciousness.

Of course, there is also the other timeline; the timeline of evil. The timeline of the control system. And again, it’s up to all of humanity to overthrow the power structure, you are responsible for the timeline that you attract. The human kind only knows one limitation and that is the suppression that wants to turn human kind into slaves.  All over the earth we see mass demonstrations happening in which people walk through the cities with thousands. They don’t show this in the daily news, but again, the Awakening is going on and unstoppable.

My reply:
Thank you for your clarification. I know enough and will continue my daily activities in which I will offer my services to humanity to help and give guidance during this Awakening.

These are very special and exciting times. Therefore, let us not lose ourselves in feelings of fear and despair, but work on your development. Become aware of your ego triggers, your ‘bottlenecks’ and pay positive attention to them. Let’s support each other in this very special time of Awakening.


Senia Melchizedek

Edited by Freya Melchizedek