The great purification has started

The great purification has started

Already since several years I regularly talk about the purification of the Golden Age. For those who have never red anything of me, I am not talking about the Hollywood apocalyptic scenes where the end of the world is caused by a gigantic natural disaster or outbreak of an infection. The purification that I am talking about is that of systems, both social and inner world, our essence versus ego. And now we have (finally) entered a new phase where an extremely intense purification will take place, which leaves us no choice other than to draw the attention inwards, regardless if we want this is not.

But let me first explain what the true meaning of this purification is before I will go into more detail about the effects and our own contribution. The great purification that takes place right now relates to the energetic shift of the new age, the Golden Age. The current energy is raised multiple times in tone, vibration and frequency, automatically causing triggers of issues that can’t vibrate in resonance and need to be brought to the surface. This purification is needed to overthrow the entire control system; both social systems and our own controlling ego mind. The current control system serves only itself and not humanity. The times of imprisonment, fear, control and domination are on the verge of being overthrown. Why? Because the new age is an age in which we are freed from dictators, rulers and systems that manipulate and control us, where we are exploited as slaves. The practices are only focused on the Ego, focused on themselves and not humanity. At this moment layers of different dimensions are overlapping each other and veils are becoming so transparent that other worlds become visible. The more visible these dimensions are, the more control is being used to suppress humanity. Therefore more and more pressure is being used to create fear, as fear is equal to control. The rulers don’t want to lose control since humanity is a product which delivers money (power). As long as the system is operational and up and running, you will be no more than a number instead of a free human of flesh and blood with a sovereign birthright.

There is so much about to happen on earth as well as the cosmos and in all dimensional realities. It’s a multidimensional shift where everything and everyone is exposed to. This change is so massive that it is simply not possible to take the old into this new frequency. All we think we know will be challenged to be revised. Old beliefs, knowledge about the history, science, and so on. Nothing can stay the same and so does the system, the society where we live in now, will cease to exist as we know it. Service, spirituality, personal development and technology will become key roles. You’ll understand that this will be a totally different way of living than we are used to and as with every major change, this will not happen without a fight. There will always be people that don’t want or dare to let go of the old. The old system can service them in some way or the other (knowing or unknowingly) so that they are willing to fight to keep it as is. But it is a lost battle since the old is on the verge of falling; it has no change of survival in the new frequency and vibration because it does not service a higher purpose, it does not represent harmony and it does not support humanity.

Disclosure of knowledge

Everything is subject to change and from that perspective an apocalypse is not as far from the truth. Only this one will come in the form of a great purification of our inner world. The translation of the ancient Greek word Apocalypse is disclosure of knowledge or revelation. In the period to coming, more and more ‘new information’ will come to the surface; amongst others knowledge about energy, dimensions, DNA and our origin. I have added quotation marks because in reality this is not new knowledge but ancient knowledge which will be rediscovered. Even better, these discoveries will turn current science and everything that we think we know, upside down. The field of quantum physics is busy testing a lot of esoteric knowledge and breakthroughs are continuously made. More and more information will be disclosed until the mainstream can no longer deny it.

The shifts that we see happening, and will be seeing more and more in our society, starts with ourselves. The cosmic energetic shift triggers a form of slight collective awakening. People know that something is about to happen, exactly what that is not clear, but they can feel it already. Our system becomes more sensitive and our blinders are starting to fall off. More people start to feel that some things on earth are not right and it can’t go on this way. However, many do not know how to deal with that situation and they have the tendency to just lay down and accept it. Even though their gut feeling tells them it is something they don’t want any longer. It is the result of century’s long enslavement and humiliation which make people feel defeated in advance. When you recognize this, you must also have noticed that it is not as easy anymore to look away. How denial could comfort before, it will now eat away your soul when you try to push it away. The energy and frequency won’t allow it anymore for you to walk away from your own truth.

This Golden Age is all about service to the entire humanity. Fear, control and suppression don’t fit in anymore. While you’re reading this, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are rising up and claiming their power. They step into their mastery and refuse to be a victim any longer. They are truly bundling their knowledge and powers with hundreds of thousands of other people in the world. A great part is still happening under the radar and in silence but it won’t be for long. Everyone feels that the world has to change and change can only start with yourself. Because we are the ones that we are waiting for. Nobody will come to save us, we are the ones that will have to bring the change in ourselves. So don’t act out of anger or fear but act from your inner power, your self-love and focus on your inner growth. Gather knowledge about yourself because knowledge is power and when you have mastered that knowledge, you have the power to bring great changes into your life. Now many are powerless and feel lost since they don’t have any knowledge about themselves. That knowledge is also not taught at school and only a few are consciously working on their inner development. Therefore most people stay in their tunnel vision that will not bring them any further, let alone help humanity.

Inner Mastery

So, at this moment the frequency is rising which affects us all and people become more and more conscious. This increase in frequency is due to the new age, but there is another cause, one that cannot be overlooked. People who work a lot on self-realization also influence the frequency because their growth affects the collective consciousness of humanity. And let’s be clear about this: I’m not talking about people that post on Facebook how great they are, how they transcend being human and already live in 6D or beyond. Personally I don’t have any use for this ego boosting. No, I’m talking about the real hardcore; people who truly explore and transcend their dark sides and rise to higher dimensions of consciousness. In that work of self-realization there’s no room for the ego, to play hide and seek or bragging. It’s not about the beauty of things. It’s about you exploring your dark sides and truly get to know yourself, with no room for excuses or escapes. The first universal esoteric law is: Know Thyself. Therefore we need to get our heads out of the sand and stop with justifying everything, denying our humanity or trying to make yourself look bigger. We need to lay down our masks and take an honest good look at ourselves.

One of the biggest escapes and pitfalls that I notice around me, is the belief that someone is walking his or her own path. Most of the people that think that they can walk their own path, live in a lie and illusion in which they subconsciously are slave of their own inflated ego mind. The ego is what creates the illusion of the ‘self’ and what will lead to separation. When masks fall off there is only one path to walk, and that is the path of connection and service to the Source/Divine. Because in all honesty, how can you walk your own path when you have not fully realised yourself? The questions that I would ask then are: what self-realization have you embodied to walk your own path? Which states of awakening have you embodied to walk your own path? Which energy have you even grounded at all to be walking your own path? These are confronting questions and when they trigger you, it points out that you should really have a deep look into this and explore your real inner truth.

Exploring your inner truth requires integrity, discipline and effort since it is not always pleasant to face certain truths about yourself. No, it will be a lot easier to justify yourself and blame others for the burdens you bear and the pains you suffer. The Golden Age requires humanity to start acting from truth and integrity. It is time to step up to our inner mastery and it will come with great responsibility. And in the beginning that can feel really exciting or scary because most people are not used to take responsibility for themselves. After all, we live in a system that promotes and glorifies victimization. Everything is subs to changes and there is no time left to play hide and seek or justification. It is time to make profound choices. Do you choose illusions, in where you are controlled, or do you agree that it is time for integrity and mastery, where you will integrate self realization and master unconditional love without the negative ego mind. Let’s be clear: you have a choice. And as we often say at O.C. Academy: there is no good or bad, there are only consequences.

And we see those consequences all around us. Sometimes it seems that the world is going crazy. The cosmic shift that is happening now causes enormous waves of emotions that invite us to bring our attention inwards, and to see ourselves, flawed and all. When you choose to continue seeking outside yourself, the emotions will only become stronger because the frequency is still rising and the longer you run away for yourself, the higher the load will be. We see people around us losing their minds and act only out of the ego. When you are driven by intense emotions that are created by the ego mind, you will have no control about your states of consciousness. Being a literal slave of your emotional states, you are not capable of clear observation. For a long period of time we have subconsciously let us be guided by certain thought patterns and emotions. A new era has begun. Let states of victimization, anger, hatred, grief and jealousy no longer serve you and make a conscious choice to free yourself; and go inside.

Service & the frequency of love

It is time for service. It is time to be there for each other and to come out of the separation. It is time to support each other before the situation in the world is getting out of control, which will be the end for many. It is time that we combine our power to create a new kind of world, out of a higher state of love without conditions. Love has such a high frequency from where out we can help and support everyone. We can even heal the world when we reach this state of love. But to reach it, you will first have to go inside. Because how can you truly experience love when you do not even love yourself completely? We have to explore our dark sides and no longer run from it. Because when you’re able to accept and love yourself in all different ways, you won’t block the energy any longer and magic will become possible. And yes, it is a process. It doesn’t matter if you slip and make a mistake. We’re all people and we need to learn from our mistakes so we can also let go of the judgment we bear about ourselves. Be of service to humanity and yourself. Be truly of service to yourself in truth, then you are of service to humanity. Someone asked me how much percent of our time we need to be in service. My answer used to be 51%, but in the meantime it has changed to 75%. We are at a crucial cross road in our history and our actions determine which timeline we will attract.

Claim your power.

Be the change you want to see in the world. You are a beautiful multidimensional being with unlimited possibilities. Don’t keep yourself small and powerless, stop complaining and grow, develop yourself, dive deep and let go of all the judgment about yourself and others because the world is in need of new masters. Masters who have a deep understanding about themselves, who have reached self-realization, grounded themselves and embodie ascension. It is not enough to just ‘do spiritual’; to play a drum, to collect an impressive amount of crystals or to play the part of a spiritual tourist. It is time for true mastery, beyond the illusion and masks. It is time that when you are ready to leave this world, you leave a golden footprint. Because you are important. You are the voice of the world that can make a big change. Claim your birthright and be the best version of yourself because the world is waiting for you so we can jointly make a change. And this great change will not be made by protesting and bringing energy to that what we don’t want, but to bring our focus inside. By development. By inner growth and gaining knowledge. To embody unconditional love.

You are the master that we are waiting for.
Claim your power.

In love and service,

Senia Melchizedek

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