About us

The O.C.A. stands for One Consciousness Academy. We are an Academy focused on the evolutionary development of the human consciousness in this extraordinary era we live in.

The Golden Age gives opportunities to fully develop wholeness in ourselves, if this is something you really desire. More than 30 years of experience and knowledge from different lineages are blended in unique trainings. Old esoteric knowledge is translated into today’s understandable language and adapted to present time to ground and guide you on your unique journey to discover your full potential. We strive to keep it practical and with purpose so you can apply it in your daily life.

One Consciousness Academy does not work from a religious perspective. People from all walks of life are welcome to follow our different trainings. The condition is that you are prepared to reconsider your beliefs and that you are open to learn. The core of our teachings is based on esoteric teachings; ancient knowledge that is as old as humanity itself, but that has been hidden and suppressed. Nowadays more and more of this knowledge has been proofed by scientific breakthroughs in Quantumfysics.

Our goal is to